A Message from the President

I want to first say that HFMA has had a major impact on my career, both technically and professionally. I have learned a lot through the programs, but I have also learned a lot through the relationships and friends that I have made-either vendors or healthcare professionals. These are the major benefits of HFMA to me.

In April, our SWOHFMA leadership team went to LTC, and heard the 2019-2020 National Chair Michael Allen’s theme: “Dare You to Move”, DY2M.  Michael Allen explains that DY2M, “At its core, is about being stuck and having this ongoing tension between where we are and where we know we should be. It is about making yourself uncomfortable so you can grow. It is about getting used to saying the dreaded word — failure — and embracing it as a path to something better. It is about being vulnerable and dropping this idea that we have to be perfect.“  I was inspired by his speech as I told him shortly afterwards. Our chapter will take chances, change it up, do things differently. We have a plan to engage membership, promote certifications, move more providers to an Enterprise solution and increase membership by sharpening our communication to our membership.

There are currently 580 members in the Southwest Ohio Chapter. We have a major responsibility to help our members be as successful as they can be. We also want to help them not only be successful but also to be significant part of the career. We can do that by providing great programs, both technically, as well as professionally. We need to have programs that are timely, generate interest and can have a big impact on their careers. We also want to provide venues and networking events where relationships can be generated, and our membership will look at us as part of their success.

Our chapter is extremely thankful for the ongoing support from our chapter sponsors. Without their support and partnerships, we would not be able to deliver the quality education and events to benefit our members. Our conversations will be ongoing about how to improve the sponsor experience. Our goal is to keep producing multi-state or multi chapter events to provide better experiences for our sponsors. You’ve heard this many times, but it is a fact, we do not exist without our vendor/sponsor support.

We have a great Regional Executive team who will give us all the tools to be successful. One of our own and most dedicated chapter leaders, David McCullough, is our RE3 this year. He will add to the success of our chapter by providing the needed information from the Association.

We are all set up to succeed in 2019/20 and in future years and we embrace failure as a path to something better but I’m betting on this leadership and membership in our chapter for many successful years ahead.

Our success is measured in your success.

Thanks for all you do!

Your 2019/2020 President,

Brad Arthur