Membership Information

Your HFMA membership will give you the opportunity to grow in your career as a healthcare financial professional. If you would like more information on the Southwestern Ohio Chapter, or if you have any questions about HFMA membership, please contact Shawn Kent at (513) 981-6077 or Also contact Shawn to change your address, employer, phone number, email, etc. You can also change your member information on line at the HFMA on-line Member Directory (password required).

If you already know you want to join the Southwestern Ohio Chapter, or to renew your HFMA membership, please call National HFMA at (800) 252-HFMA. All Southwestern Ohio Chapter membership issues, including renewals and billing, are handled through National HFMA. Or you can join on-line at

If you are a member, you can access the Southwestern Ohio Chapter membership directory at The HFMA Membership Directory. If you have not previously established a user ID on the national HFMA site you will need your member number to set up an ID and access this information.